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Obtaining Bail in Rowan and Cabarrus County

When it’s time to secure a bail bond, there is a good deal of information everyone involved with this process should know. That information is important because it can have a significant impact on the cost of a bond as well as in addition to the span of time an individual might need to be incarcerated. Here is a closer look on how the bail bond process functions throughout the state of North Carolina:

Influential Factors

The most influential factor has to do with the actual charges that resulted from the arrest. The severity of a crime will dictate a great deal about the bond. More severe crimes will always demand that the bond be set at a higher amount. Less serious crimes generally demand lower amounts of money for a bond.

The next influential factor has to do with flight risk. Judges will consider how much of a flight risk an individual will be and whoever is posting bail will also take that into account. If there is a chance the arrested individual might flee the area, the bail amount will be increased.

One more influential factor to take into consideration is how much of a danger the person in need of bail may be to the rest of society.  There is always a chance that being released on bond could bring about a danger to others. Courts will carefully examine that possibility by looking into the individual’s criminal background. Those findings play a significant factor into the amount of the bond.

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More influential factors go into determining the final bond amount. A history of not showing up for court dates can raise the bond amount and the court also considers how much time the individual has been a resident of the immediate area. These final factors contribute to the final decision of a judge. That decision may also deny bail altogether. Some individuals are deemed too much of a risk and may be forced to remain in jail until their trial.

After a final bond amount has been set , then comes the time to contact Bost Bail Bonds.  We have bail bondsmen available 24 hours a day, ready to provide top-quality service. That means helping you or your loved one get a release from jail. One of our staff members is awaiting your call as we continue to provide quick and dependable bail bond service in Albemarle, Concord and Salisbury, NC.